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  • AI chat API/CRM Integration: Creating Richer Conversations

    A screen capture of a chatbot conversation on technology. has cultivated an intelligent chat nurturing solution that works with your API and/or CRM to leverage existing content to build relationships and drive leads. Discover how this integration can transform virtual conversations without the added cost of a live agent or in-house expert.

  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with

    Hispanic Hertitage Month

    National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) traditionally honors the cultures of both Hispanic and LatinX Americans. is proud to celebrate the heritage rooted in all Latin American countries.

  • The Power of Intelligent Chat in Healthcare

    Webinar The Power of Intelligent Chat in the Healthcare Industry

    Learn how your medical practice could use automation to drive cost-savings, patient acquisition, and retention. Listen to CEO & co-founder, Rebecca Clyde, discuss the power of intelligent chat nurturing in the healthcare industry with Victoria Gleichman from Rexpay, a digitized solution for medical billing. 

  • chat to handle COVID-19 inquiries for AFC

    Scheduling an appointment using a chatbot

    To better handle the influx of inquiries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, American Family Care (AFC) today announced a partnership with to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into AFC’s chat channels to provide quick and easy access to COVID-related information, without compromising its sales efforts.

  • Intelligent Automation Radio Podcast with CEO Rebecca Clyde

    CEO Rebecca Clyde at Fuel Conference at Belgium

    Botco.Ai co-founder and CEO, Rebecca Clyde, sat down with Guy Nadivi from the Intelligent Automation Radio Podcast to discuss the do’s and don’ts of creating an intelligent chat agent and why AI is crucial to empower customers with an always-on channel for self-service, and a way for them to interface with the organization.

  • Intelligent Chat in a Time of Crisis

    woman in a store front wearing a mask

    Marketing expert and co-founder and CEO, Rebecca Clyde, discusses why reshaping marketing strategies and brand voice is crucial to stay relevant during the pandemic.

  • The Power of Images to Drive Conversation

    Man using Botco on his phone to schedule massage appointment

    Remember when you received that text message from your friend – ‘K.’ Seemed rude, right? But then along comes a smiley face. Now, your feelings about the text are transformed. All because of an emoji.

  • The Cast Podcast: Rebecca Clyde, Co-Founder Of

    Rebecca Clyde sat down with Noah Barrasso of The Cast podcast to talk about her experience as a woman founder, the future of automated communication through her latest company, and the impact that the right real estate has on company culture.

  • How to Turn FAQs into a Chatbot

    Young man with beard and glasses using an iPad

    Including an FAQ page on your website sounds like a no-brainer. If lots of people contact your company with the same questions day after day, list the answers on your site in one convenient spot so they can resolve the inquiry themselves. The only problem?

  • Upcoming Tech Trends

    Abstract pink and blue lines around a circle

    The world is changing rapidly. With this, comes a whole host of predictions on what technology will take center stage in the months to come.

  • How Airlines are Embracing Marketing Automation

    Commercial airliner flying through the sky

    Facebook may have redefined how we stay connected with family, reconnect with old friends and share photos of our meals with strangers, but now it’s also defined an optimal state of consumer experience.

  • What is NLP and How Does it Work?

    Outline of person's head with illustrated gears and lines

    If you’ve tried to learn a new language, you know it’s difficult to grasp finer nuances. Talking with native speakers can be intimidating, and a single typo can leave you baffled – especially when you’re looking for help.

  • Is Email Dead?

    Person working on mobile device and a laptop

    Long, long ago in a decade far, far away, people used to get excited about receiving emails. Whereas snail mail was seen as a burden of bills and useless coupons, email was a novelty, something fun to try when you got your first ‘personal computer’.

  • Another Rewarding Awards Season for

    Picture of Botco on phone with 4 awards next to it

    In 2018, partnered with Best Western Hotels & Resorts® to introduce the brand’s innovative Best Western Rewards Chatbot to strategically enhance communication and elevate customer support for loyal Best Western Rewards (BWR) members, utilizing Facebook Messenger as the delivery method.

  • Founders Live Podcast

    Rebecca Clyde sitting in a chair

    Rebecca Clyde, founder and CEO of was recently featured on Founders Live Podcast after winning the Phoenix Founders Live Pitch competition in the fall of 2019.

  • 7 Steps to a Successful Chatbot Implementation

    Ready to take the plunge and dive into conversational marketing? With more than 5 billion active users, messaging is now a critical channel that brands and organizations can no longer ignore.

  • Enterprise Chatbots: 5 Use Cases

    Person talking to chatbot on iPhone

    If you are over 40, you probably remember a time when business was entirely conversational. In the “olden days” before 1994, businesses interacted with customers almost entirely through in-person meetings or over the phone.

  • 5 Ways to Use Social as a Startup

    Man with bicycle leaning against a wall

    Whether you have an early stage startup or an established business that is humming along, social media can be critical to helping you build your brand and generate growth.

  • How to Create a Conversation on a Bot

    Woman sitting at desk using a laptop, tablet, and phone

    After you’ve decided to introduce instant messaging into your business strategy, it’s time to put the “conversation” in “conversational marketing.”

  • Why Are Companies Modernizing with AI Chatbots

    Chances are, in the past year, you’ve interacted with an organization via instant messaging. Whether engaging a company’s chat feature on their website or through Facebook Messenger, more and more of us are communicating with businesses through chatbots.