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The Cast Podcast: Rebecca Clyde, Co-Founder Of

Rebecca Clyde sat down with Noah Barrasso of The Cast podcast to talk about her experience as a woman founder, the future of automated communication through her latest company, and the impact that the right real estate has on company culture.

Upcoming Tech Trends

Abstract pink and blue lines around a circle

The world is changing rapidly. With this, comes a whole host of predictions on what technology will take center stage in the months to come.

How Airlines are Embracing Marketing Automation

Commercial airliner flying through the sky

Facebook may have redefined how we stay connected with family, reconnect with old friends and share photos of our meals with strangers, but now it’s also defined an optimal state of consumer experience.

Is Email Dead?

Person working on mobile device and a laptop

Long, long ago in a decade far, far away, people used to get excited about receiving emails. Whereas snail mail was seen as a burden of bills and useless coupons, email was a novelty, something fun to try when you got your first ‘personal computer’.

Founders Live Podcast

Rebecca Clyde sitting in a chair

Rebecca Clyde, founder and CEO of was recently featured on Founders Live Podcast after winning the Phoenix Founders Live Pitch competition in the fall of 2019.

Why Are Companies Modernizing with AI Chatbots

Chances are, in the past year, you’ve interacted with an organization via instant messaging. Whether engaging a company’s chat feature on their website or through Facebook Messenger, more and more of us are communicating with businesses through chatbots.